“We run 24/7 and can’t find qualified people. With the Smart Valet we can effortlessly run our VMCs unmanned, during hours that they’d ordinarily be idle.”

Tim Carson

South Bay Precision | Palo Alto, CA


“We’re a low production shop with our average lot size being about 25 pcs. We use our setup staff to setup and run out jobs.  With the Smart Valet our setup men set up the job and then return a few hours later to find all the parts finished and the machine ready to be set up again.”

Derek Dorresteyn

Moss Machine | San Francisco, CA


“I was very pleased with the simple installation and how quickly the team at Danco was able to utilize it effectively.  We were running through breaks, lunch and afterhours in just a couple of days.”

Jay Wakenshaw

Danco | Santa Clara, CA