Smart Valet SV-1 Introduction

Introducing the Smart Valet SV-1 by Simons Design Innovation Automated Material Feeder for CNC Milling Machines

Meet Smart Valet

An introduction of the Smart Valet SV-1 by Simons Design Innovation. The SV-1 is an automated material feeder for traditional VMCs and HMCs. Smart Valet is affordable automation for the small to large machine shop.

Multiple Operations with a Simons SV-1

Steve Simons walks through machining a part requiring two operations using the SV-1 material feeder machined on a Haas DT-1 vertical machining center. The raw stock is machined in the first operation “chocolate bar” style with three parts connected on remaining material serving as a base. Then the set of three connected parts is reinserted in the SV-1 for a second-op pass which finishes the details and finally removes the base material. Loading accuracy is measured by inspecting 10 random samples.

Simons SV-2 Overview

Take an introductory look at the Smart Valet SV-2 conceived by owner and inventor Steve Simons. This video shows just how easy it is to attain nearly 100% spindle efficiency with vertical machining centers.