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The Smart Valet SV-1 by Simons Design Innovation takes material automation to a new level of affordability.  The SV-1 offers the same benefits as more costly robotic material loading systems at a small fraction of the cost making automation viable for job shops of all scales.  The advantages of using the SV-1 include:

+ Increased efficiency from being unmanned

+ Running more shifts

+ An ROI of as little as 6 weeks

+ Straight forward installation

+ 2 minutes or less setup

+ Worldwide patents pending

Automating with an SV-1 is like having a bar feeder for your VMC!

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Fully Automated
A PLC controls the hydraulic vise,  cleaning, loading and unloading functions. Simply load the conveyor belt with stock and pick up finished parts!  The SV-1 does the rest.

Increased Efficiency
Immediately loads one part after another. Avoiding downtime due to breaks, lunch and typical loading delays increases output. Typical increase would be 15%

Fast ROI
The SV-1 pays for itself in as little as six weeks for a typical machine shop.

Run Unattanded
Having a Smart Valet allows the machine to run continuously during the day, without human intervention, saving a large portion of the variable cost.

Run Afterhours
A Smart Valet can run after hours. This is obviously highly productive by allowing a shop to stretch its capacity and has the added benefit of allowing the machine to run free of amortized  fixed costs.

Easy Install, Setup & Operation
Strait forward installation with the ability to integrate with most VMC’s on the market. Once installed, a SV-1 can be setup in less than 5 minutes.



SV-1 Dimensions
Length: 51.13″ (1298.70mm)
Width: 21.65″ (549.91mm)
Height: 21.83″ (554.48mm)
Weight: 125lbs (56.82Kg)

Maximum Material Dimensions
Maximum Length: 8″ (203.20mm)
Maximum Width: 8″ (203.20mm)
Maximum Height: 8″ (203.20mm)

Minimum Material Dimensions
Minimum Length: 1″ (25.40mm)
Minimum Width: 1″ (25.40mm)
Minimum Height: 0.25″ (6.35mm)

Maximum Part Weight: 10lbs (4.55Kg)
Maximum Weight on Conveyor: 50lbs (22.73Kg)

Electrical Requirements
120V AC 60Hz

Base Cycle Time
Unload, Clean and Reload: 30 seconds

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